The pigeon peas (Cajanuscajan), alternatively known as Angola Pea, Gungo Pea, Congo-Pea, Pigeon-Pea, No Eye Pea, Red Gram, Yellow Dhal, Puerto Rico Pea, is a plant species in the legume family of the widely cultivated genus CajanusAdans. Four varieties of pigeon peas are: tree types, tall varieties, dwarf varieties and smaller bushes. Pigeon peas are one of the most important food legume crops which grow in the tropical and subtropical climates. It is a drought tolerant and warm weather crop.

It was domesticated in India 3,500 years ago. The seeds are used as grains in Africa, Asia and Latin America. It was grown for thousands of years in India. Around 2,000 BC, pigeon pea was developed in East Africa which was then brought to the America. Today pigeon pea is grown widely throughout the world in tropical and subtropical regions.

Toor Whole varieties are Lemon, Sagaing, Linkhay, Red & White, Mahlaing Shwephalar )



Foreign Matter

Max. 1%

Weevil led

Max. 3.0%


Max. 2.0%


Max. 3%

Foreign beans

Max. 0.5%

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